M514 Students

M514 is our group creating for high school students. Our name is a wordplay for our city: M is for Montreal and 514 is our main area code. M514 is also one of the key New Testament Scriptures (Matthew 5:14) that helped establish City Church in 2013. 


We are passionate about taking the baton from our City Kids and passing it to our students as they navigate their high school years. Our desire is to create experiences and content that will help each student navigate the exciting yet complicated world of students becoming young adults. Establishing important relationships with other students as well as adult mentors is vital to giving these students success as they prepare for adulthood. 

We offer M514 each Sunday at 11:30am only, and have monthly activities such as sledding, bowling, movie & waffles, and games nights.


To get more information about M514, contact with our leadership with the button below.


Join us every Sunday at College Notre-Dame at 11:30am-12:30pm. You can come to our 10:00am worship experience, and stay for our M514 group that meets right after the adult service.



Every high school student needs mentors beyond their parents to help them navigate life.


They also need like-minded friends. M514 is here for our high school students.


We meet monthly for fun events to strengthen our relationships on Friday evenings. Meet up with us for bowling, sledding, games at the park, La Ronde, and many more.